Yogi Tea, Yogi Tea, Yogi Tea and Me!!!

That’s a little song we sing sometimes in our humble abode.  A devotional song really.  We love yogi tea.  There is nothing quite like a sweet, spicy, warming cup of yogi tea after a good yoga sesh.  I remember the first time I had yogi tea (and I’m not talking about the kind that comes in boxes here!).   I was 17 and just had my mind totally blown open by my first Kundalini Yoga class ever.  I was high as a kite after that rush of Kundalini – totally flying.  The teacher sat me down and gave me a warm, sweet, milky mug of yogi tea.  I was too yoga-stoned to drive home and the tea immediately helped bring me down and ground me a bit.  Ever since then, I have loved this spicy concoction.

I keep a huge pot of yogi tea on our stove top always.  I heat it up a few times a day, ladle out a big one and enjoy.  Sometimes I forget to drink the tea and I just let it boil away in the kitchen, which makes the whole house smell divine.  I let a pot go for a week, refilling the water every day or so and sometimes adding a bit more spice or ginger.  I like it when the tea gets really strong after a day or so of steeping. Yum!

We enjoy putting honey and a splash of almond milk in our cups, though sometimes I drink it straight up and that’s super tasty too.

Right now with these cold, gray days, it is such a pick-me-up to drink a hot cup of yogi tea.  The ginger and spices are very warming and energizing.  This combination of herbs and spices are great for boosting the immune system too, especially important during these cold months.  The black pepper is a blood purifier.  The cinnamon is for bone health.  The cloves are for the nervous system.  The turmeric is my personal addition to the traditional recipe because it is great for joint health and breast health for women.  It is also wonderfully beneficial for the skin.  Ginger is also an amazing root with healing properties, it’s especially good for the digestive system. All in all, it’s a pretty magic combo.

I’ve never been one for following recipes, per se, but here’s my approximation:

Fill a pot with water.

Toss in –

5 or 6 cloves.

10 black peppercorns

6 or 7 green cardamom pods

4 cinnamon sticks

pinch of turmeric

pinch of nutmeg if you feel so inclined

lots of ginger root!  (slice it up quite fine, you can pound it a bit too, for extra goodness)

Let it all boil away covered for a few hours.  I find that most of the spices sink to the bottom so you can ladle out your tea without needing to strain it first.  Add your milk or milk substitute and sweet or no sweetness and drink up!!

Sat Nam!

Be well!


5 thoughts on “Yogi Tea, Yogi Tea, Yogi Tea and Me!!!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    This recipe (which I shall follow….. somewhat!) gives me inspiration to create the perfect restorative Sabbath drink. Today! While you are teaching your class at 206 to benefit Y.O.G.A., Yoga for Youth. I will be with you in spirit. I thank you for the many ways you enrich my life. Love, love, love….

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