A Song of LOVE for your Saturday – Hare Krsna!!!

I love devotional music.  I’ve decided that from now on Saturday is bhajan day!  Each Saturday I will post a song that I hope will lift your spirits and fill your heart with joy and love.




This beautiful song might be familiar to some of my older readers.  It was recorded and produced by George Harrison (my favorite Beatle – hands down) in 1970.  He played the harmonium and guitar on this recording, but it was sung by devotees from the London Radha-Krishna Temple.  This song became quite popular and made the charts in many countries.  Prabhupada loved this recording of the Govindam Prayers and asked that from then on, it be sung every morning at ISCKON temples around the world, and it still is.

This song fills me with emotion.  The lead singer’s voice is so full of longing, love and earnest devotion.

Sit down, close your eyes and let these beautiful words of prayer wash over you and fill you with remembrance of your Divine origin.

Hare Krsna Hari Bol!


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