DIY Facial: Almond Scrub and Cinnamon-Honey Mask

I love getting facials.  Going to a spa is my idea of heaven.  Of course, it’s not exactly a sustainable past-time (unless someone wants to hire me to travel to different spas and write up reviews…anyone? anyone?…yeah, so…) so I end up pampering myself at home more often than not.  This turns out to be really fun too.  Over the past year I have plowed through all my old piles of skincare products and cosmetics and disposed of all products that contained any chemicals, sulfates, animal products, petroleum by-products, artificial colorings/fragrances/preservatives etc., etc.    I have switched to all vegan, organic, chemical-free, super clean products.  Cleaning out my bathroom drawers, especially all the old makeup, was HUGE and very liberating.  I use very few products now and I love the simplicity!  Part of the fun of the all-natural, super simple skincare routine is finding easy DIY, natural remedies.  It’s amazing what a great facial you can compose just by digging through your kitchen cabinets and produce drawers!

Recently my skin has been problematic and breaking-out a lot.  It’s a total drag so I’ve been trying all sorts of stuff to clear it up and balance out the oil of my face.  What I’ve discovered to be really effective is SO simple.  This little routine is great for all skin-types too, not just oily skin.  My skin is very sensitive and this is gentle enough to keep it calm but really effective nonetheless.

Wash your face both evening and night with ALMOND MEAL.  You can buy it in the bulk section of WF or health foods stores for not much money at all.  Mix a few teaspoons in your palm with a bit of warm water and then scrub it all over your face in small circular motions.  It smells yummy and makes your skin soft and smooth.

After the almond meal, use a slice of LEMON.  Rub the lemon all over your face.  It tingles a bit so avoid the area right around your eyes.  The acids in the lemon make your skin bright and lemon has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties so it gets you really clean.

Then, to cool the face and reduce redness, rub a slice of fresh CUCUMBER over your skin.  It’s delightful.

After this little ritual, rinse your face with cold water and let it breathe for awhile.  If my skin is dry I like to use a few drops of organic ARGAN OIL.  It’s a light, nourishing oil with anti-aging properties.  Josie Moran’s products are lovely (I love her Argan oil make-up too!).

If your skin is breaking out and being troublesome, like mine has been, try a HONEY AND CINNAMON MASK!  This is an old-school natural remedy and it really works!  Mix a few teaspoons of cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey, spread it over your clean face and let it chill there for awhile.  Don’t goop it on too heavy because it will drip (delicious but messy).  Doing this a few times a week makes a huge difference.  Honey and cinnamon are both such healing substances for so many conditions! This mask is anti-inflammatory.  It will clean your pores, kill any nasty yucky things on your skin that  are causing blemishes and it will gently exfoliate!  Try it out!

Blessings for inner and outer BEAUTY and HEALTH.





7 thoughts on “DIY Facial: Almond Scrub and Cinnamon-Honey Mask

  1. Hey, so I decided to start catching up on your blog! Very interesting, I love it. I had another tip for you, just in case you were interested! I was looking up facial cleansing remedies myself and came across a few articles, so then I improvised and came up with my own solution. Obviously our faces have oil on them, and soaps and detergents dry our face out, causing our skin to try and overproduce oil. So the solution I’ve found that works is using oil to clean your face! Haha it sounds crazy but it works. I mix a little carrier oil with some Lavender, geranium oil, and other oils with the healing properties you’re looking for just to mix it up sometimes. You then take some baking soda and add it to the oil as an exfoliant and massage it into your face in small spirals. Let it sit for a few minutes and then take a warm/hot washcloth and let it steam on your face for a minute or so and then wipe it all clean. I then take a vitamin E gel and mix that with some lemon essential oils and lightly cover my face. It’s been working like a charm lately, so if you’re inclined, try it!

  2. Chris darling – thanks for reading! You are quite the little spa master, now aren’t you! These are great suggestions….I definitely use oil on both my hair and skin – almond, argan, vitamin E, rosehip seed etc. The rose geranium is a good call too. Very good for the complexion. I bought a little glass spray bottle at the health food store and put filtered water and our floracopeia rose geranium oil in and use it as a toner-mist. I just learned about the baking soda tip a few days ago! It’s really effective in clearing the skin because it balances the PH of your skin.
    Thanks for your tips – I will try your routine out tonight!
    Love and Light.

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