Patience Pays….and always be precise with what you ask for….

Hello friends,

After a hectic day of confused travel due to weather (to be expected, flying into Aspen in March), I have arrived in beautiful snowy CO.  Yesterday was one of those typical travel nightmare days….lots of poor communication…disgruntled airline employees…angry passengers…. 7 hours of waiting in DIA…. and a bag nowhere to be found (apparently it just came in a few hours ago, so I’m heading down to the airport soon to pick it up).  Traveling is definitely tiring on the body and trying on the mind.  Despite all the crazyness and mess, I felt remarkably peaceful.  I sat in padmasana on my uncomfortable airport chair (that definitely got a couple odd looks and good smiles), listened to mantras on my ipod and read inspiring excerpts from Guruji.  I walked a fair amount around the airport, observing people, smiling at lots of people with big frowns on their faces.  I chanted and breathed and stretched and waited.  I even ran into a dear old friend on my way out of the bathroom…funny small world.  During those longs hours of waiting in the very crowded B terminal, I put my yogic practices to work.  I knew I had very little control over the situation with my flights and bags, so I decided just to let go and surrender to it.   When I spoke with customer service people I was as kind, calm and grateful as I could be and they in return were very helpful and apologetic and even miraculously got me on the only flight going out that night to Aspen successfully!  It’s not always easy to live our yoga “off the mat”.  But yesterday, by the Grace of God I floated through the mess with an uncharacteristic patience and serenity – qualities instilled in me by those hours of hard work and contemplation I put in on my mat each day.  I’m so grateful to have been given this amazing yoga practice.  I am so blessed to study with such inspiring, powerful and humble teachers.  I feel so blessed to have the time and ability in my life right now to devote myself fully to personal growth, self-study, devoted prayer and LOVE.

Engaging on a spiritual journey is a profound and sometimes rocky ride.  There are days like yesterday when I felt so fortunate for my practices and then of course there are other times when it feels like my whole world has been turned upside down because of these commitments I have made to myself and to God.  A wonderful teacher instructed me once to always remember that the Universe is listening so it is of the utmost importance to be careful and precise with what you ask for.  This is so true.

Boyfriend Yogi shared this article from the Huffington Post religion section this morning, that I am re-posting to share with you.  It’s a lovely piece of reflection on how engaging in spiritual practice transforms you and your way of looking at yourself and others in the world.

Blessings to all. Peace to all.  Love to all. Light to all.

Hare Krsna.




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