Update from a happy yogini’s kitchen!

Hello friends,

A couple of random tid-bits….

First off – has anyone tried making the fennel celery soup recipe I posted? Well, I just improved it and I am thrilled about this new version!  My Dad is coming over for dinner tomorrow so I’ve been planning a very healthy vegetarian but totally satisfying meal that will please him as a meat eater.  I will be making a delicious protein packed main course of Adzuki Beans and Quinoa with Avocado, based on a recipe I found on “The Sweet Beet.”  I thought it would be lovely to start the meal with a warm creamy (but vegan) soup with some yummy bread from our local baking company.  I made the soup this afternoon, so that it could sit for a day and really soak up the flavor.  Soup is always better the next day!  I pretty much followed the basic recipe I posted already, except I added more fennel seeds and cumin seeds with plenty of olive oil to the pan.  My new addition was to sauté a few big handfuls of baby spinach into the fennel and celery near the end.  This adds some extra nutrients and some good green hue and flavor!  I also boiled a whole potato and blended it with the other veggies.  The result is thick, rich and delish!  Try it out!

Secondly – I am very excited to announce that my philosopher Boyfriend Yogi will be presenting a series of guest posts to the blog about the energetic forces at work in yoga and the jedi/yogi connection.  I assure you these will be thought-provoking and mind-opening, so put on your thinking caps and let’s get heady!  First post will be TOMORROW!

Third – Thanks so much for reading my blog!  It’s still a baby and I am looking forward to it growing.  Please share the URL with your friends and yoga buddies!  If you have a blog, I would be soo psyched if you added “athayoganusasanam” to your blogroll!!!  Also, if you want to stay updated on new posts, please SUSCRIBE using the RSS link at the bottom of the page!



Love and Light to ALL.



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