Saturday Song of LOVE: The Power of Mantra!

Happy Saturday!  Happy Gaura Purnima!  We are up in D.C. to celebrate Lord Caitanya’s appearance day at the lovely Krishna temple in Potomac.

Today I am sharing with you a beautiful video about a singer in the Kundalini Yoga/Sikh tradition named Simrit Kaur.

Please visit this link.

In this video, Harijiwan Singh discusses with Simrit about the power of mantra and how the sound vibrations have to capacity to elevate one’s consciousness, clear blockages and create healing on a personal and universal level.  Meditating on mantra is an ancient healing practice, designed to unite your finite self with the Infinite Self.   Singing these sacred sound vibrations, as we do in kirtan, is a profound spiritual practice.  Kirtan embodies devotion – it soothes the soul and uplifts the heart.

Enjoy this sweet video.  To check out more of Simrit’s gorgeous music visit her website.


Sat Nam Wahe Guru!

Blessings to all.



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