Gurprasad-Prosperity Meditation

Sat Nam dear readers.

Happy Spring!  It’s abundantly beautiful and green here in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I’ve felt such joy welcoming in spring this year – planting our garden, taking walks on streets lined with flowering trees and full of bird song and basking in the glorious sun!  To celebrate and honor this time, I am leading a 2 hour workshop this weekend of Kundalini Yoga for Creativity and Abundance. It will be held at the Barn at Split Rock Farm in Ivy from 10-12am, this Saturday, March 26th.

To my local readers, I invite you to join me this weekend!  Release the stale winter leftover blahs and fill yourself with fresh new energy in tune with the budding bounty and beauty of spring!!

To my readers afar, I offer this short meditation practice to open yourself to the blessings of heaven and invite prosperity and abundance into your life!

This practice can be done for just 3 minutes or all the way up to 31 minutes.  But I assure you that in even 3 minutes you will feel a shift in your energy field if you practice with intention and devotion.

This Prosperity Meditation is entitled “Gurprasad”.  Guru literally means “that which takes you from darkness to light” and Prasad is the Blessing or Grace of the Guru.  If you have ever been to a Hindu temple or a Sikh Gurdwara you have probably been offered prasad – food that has been offered to God and blessed.  By consuming this food you are internally being blessed – it is a beautiful opportunity and a privilege to eat temple food.



Tune in by chanting the Adi Mantra – ONG NAMO GURUDEV NAMO – 3x.  Set the space and intention – tune in to the lineage of teachers.

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with a straight spine. Upper arms close to your sides, bring hands to the heart level with your hands side-by-side, palms up and cupped – as they are when receiving prasad.

Eyes are one-tenth open and focused downwards on the tip of the nose.

Breathe calmly and full.

Bring your mental focus to open yourself to abundance, prosperity and Grace.

“Allow all the blessings of heaven to flow to you; ask for whatever you need; know yourself to be blessed; feel the boundless flow of spirit.” – Yogi Bhajan

Practice for 3 – 11 minutes, working up to 31 minutes total, if you wish.

Finish with a full breath cycle, then spend a few moments with your hands in prayer mudra.  Be still.  Offer gratitude.  Bless yourself.  Bless others.  Be open.

Close by chanting 3 full SAT NAM.

Sat – Truth

Nam – Name, Identity


Blessings to all.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

And one last thing …. (shameless self-promotion)…. if you happened to have noticed my “Be the SAT NAM” t-shirt and thought…”wow, great shirt, wonder where she found that?”…..well – here you go!  CHECK OUT OUR ETSY SITE!


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