Monday Mysore.

Life in the Blue Ridge…..

Ah, Mondays.  That alarm sure goes off early.  After the luxury of 3 mornings in a row of 8am wake-ups, that 5:20 buzzing cell phone each Monday is a cruel awakening.  I curl up for a few minutes, stretch in bed and then drag myself into our relatively warm (we indulge by keeping a special heater on at night) bathroom for a very cold shower to prepare for practice.  It’s dark again (thank you, daylight savings time!) as we walk up our sweet little street to our sweet little studio.  Not yet 6am, we walk, chanting with our beads, all is quiet save for a few cars down the way and our neighbor’s rooster crowing.  It’s discipline, it’s tapas, it’s serious, this practice of ours.  But really, it’s just so sweet.  In every sense of the word.  We are so blessed.  Sometimes in led primary when all the students are grunting and groaning their way through the 5 navasana, our teacher chides us – “Think how lucky you are! You are so blessed to practice this navasana!” And it’s true.  Today as I inched my way slowly through practice, I kept on being reminded of this.  My practice was a bit slow and clunky today.  Balance was a bit off, jump-throughs weren’t too gloriously graceful either.  Boyfriend Yogi and I celebrated last night with a rather heavy dinner at an Italian restaurant  (granted, it was alcohol-free and vegetarian, of course, but still…) and I definitely felt a bit of drag from it this morning.  But that drag didn’t really drag me down.  My heart is light, and that trumps all.  I had some minor successes today too.  I started drop-backs again, after a month-long break and lots of trepidation.  My hips are opening slowly (it requires such patience!!!).  My baddha konasana was deeper than ever.  I’m really blown away by this practice.  My body is being re-shaped.  I feel this lightness and ease now.  It’s so beautiful to experience.  It’s only been just over 4 months of consistent Mysore practice and so much has shifted.  I feel so grateful for this healthy body!  So grateful to have started this practice now, as young as I am (of course I still wish I had started earlier with Ashtanga…but at least yoga was in my life in my teens on some level!).   I am so grateful for my teachers and for the supportive, compassionate and serious community of yogis here in our little town!  I am especially grateful today for this clarity to feel the blessings of the practice as a whole (regardless of my less than perfect show of asanas today!)… grateful for the ability to see the strength and commitment it gives me…. the invitation it presents to grow and engage on a spiritual path….to learn about myself…to challenge myself….to care for myself….and to start each day with a true CONNECTION.

Oh So Blessed.




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