So, ummn… what’s a yoga body?

This topic is all over the yoga blogosphere these days.  And for good reason.

Check out this recent elephant journal post. Bringing it back to the Sutra… I love it!  Pointing out the incongruent notions abounding throughout Po-Mo-Yo (Post-Modern Yoga!).

There are more of course…. like this one regarding Yoga Journal’s model choices….

Which brings us to the yoga industry and eating disorders, of course….

And on the other end of the spectrum, there are now classes now specifically for larger yogis….

…which of course, sparks debates whether or not classes should be “segregated” by size….

And of course, if you “look the part” (i.e. you don’t attend curvy yoga classes) you could be a yoga model yourself!

And if you really hit the big time, you get be managed by a yoga agent – the newly formed YAMA – Yoga Artist Management Association.

I guess no one told them that the ‘yama’ are what you don’t do.


Enjoy the thought-provoking –  insightful and absurd – and please, tell me what you think about all of this!







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