It’s a hot day here and we’ve been running around, doing errands, getting settled back into the home and garden after a weekend gettaway.

And you know what that means? Pitta flare up!

Both Boyfriend Yogi and I tend towards some pitta aggravation in our constitutions (he even worse than I).

So, what does that mean, you might ask? Well, in the simplest understanding of it all – in Ayurveda (the ancient wisdom of health, the sister science to yoga!) there are 3 main constitutions or doshas.  We are each composed of parts of these 3 doshas but we tend to have aggravations (or dominance) in one or two of them.

For a concise, comprehensive over-view of the different doshas, click HERE.

When my pitta, or fire, gets aggravated, I tend to get impatient, irritable, woozy and I get nasty headaches.

I’ve learned, from experience that I have to take multiple cold showers a day to keep the headaches away when it gets to be hot.

I’ve also learned that one of the most important ways to control flare-ups is appropriate eating and drinking.

Avoiding spicy, hot, sour, oily foods is essential for me on hot summer days.

Smoothies, salads, fruit, coconut juice, frozen yogurt – all these things make me happy and cool on a summer day!

I love drinking cold mint tea or making cucumber-lemon-ginger infused water.  Staying extra hydrated is important when the heat is up, and infusing water with cooling cucumber gives you an extra leg-up.



Today I whipped up a super quick and perfectly pitta-taming juice in the Vita-mix.

Try it out – it’s delicious, light, alkalizing, refreshing and immediately cooling for the body and mind!



1/4 organic seedless watermelon

1/2 organic cucumber (skin on)

2 tsp of so of lemon juice

a couple of ice cubes if you wish


Serve in a pretty glass, garnish with a mint sprig, and drink up!

To your health!







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