And More Backbends….

Hi there,

All is good in my little yogi world, despite some ups and downs and breaks in my routine recently (a few weekend visits, house guest etc…).

Just wanted to give you all a short update and apologize in advance for my inevitable blogging absence.

It’s summer and it’s hot and I’m kind of bored (summer is my least favorite season, call me crazy, but I mean that).  I’m not feeling super inspired to write.  I’ve been feeling humbled and in need of guidance recently, so it’s been hard for me to sit down and feel like I have some worthwhile wisdom to share with others.

One the other hand though, my practice is progressing along beautifully.  Still some left-knee pain, but I’ve learned how to work around it.

Last week I began Second Series!  This week I was given up through Dhanurasana.

So I’m practicing full Primary up to Dhanurasana now, and then working on drop-backs.  It’s amazing to me how quickly I’m able to do it all now.  In the late winter, when my energy was low, sometimes it would take me over 2 full hours to warm ups, Primary, practice drop-backs and Savasana!  Now I’m moving through it all much faster, finishing in just around 1 hour and 45 minutes (minus Savasana…which is normally pretty short anyways…but my challenges with corpse pose, well, that’s a whole other story!).  I’m loving practicing my new poses!

Drop backs are getting way better (though they change from day to day).  Last week – finally! – I stood up unassisted from my backbend for the first time ever.  Although my lower back is quite flexy, I have struggled with my backbends at times.  Mostly I struggle with fear and doubt.  Backbends force me to look all that junk straight in the eye everyday.  My teacher is a firm woman;  funny and loving but seriously fierce enough that I know that I better do what she says!  I’m so grateful for her guidance in this practice.

It’s been 9 full months for me on this Ashtanga path….and my baby is really growing!  🙂

I can’t wait for next February in Kovalam with David!  A full month of seriously serious Mysore, pranayama, chanting and yoga philosophy with a truly amazing teacher!  Boyfriend Yogi and I think we might try to do a month in Mysore previous to that (depending on some family stuff).  I think about this upcoming trip to India everyday.  It feels SO right to be dedicating myself so fully to this practice right now.

I feel like I’ve finally met the man of my dreams (metaphorically speaking) in this practice.  It’s everything I’ve always wanted.  It’s real, authentic, smart, strong, enlivening and enlightening, it pushes me and challenges me, empowers and inspires me.  I’m completely enamored by it.

And it just so happens that I got the package deal – not only did I get the perfect yoga relationship, but it came with the perfect life relationship:

Boyfriend Yogi + Ashtanga Yoga = One Seriously Happy Frances!

Keep posted for a piece that I am writing for my friends over at Recovering Yogi all about how a “yogi” is supposed to act!

Blog might be quiet for a few days while I work on this, but I promise to be back soon!


Love and Blessings,



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