Celebrating the 4th with Bhakti!



Hello dear readers –

Hope everyone is off to a great start for a holiday weekend.  We are heading up to DC to see my mum to celebrate with lots of good kirtan and yoga!

Tomorrow and the 4th down on the Mall there will be a huge celebration – Festival of India and the Rathyatra.  Come check it out if you are in the area.  I’m looking forward to some yummy Indian food!  🙂

On the 4th there will also be (same location) a 12 hour kirtan!!! Krishna Das, the Mayapuris and lots of other amazing kirtaniyas will be leading this joyous day of chanting.

On the 4th we are also attending a yoga workshop entitled “The Yoga of Liberation – A Declaration of Dependence” with local Jivamukti teacher and Bhakta, Hari-Kirtana Das.  Should be fun, interesting and illuminating.  Bhakti-infused yoga is what it’s all about for us!

Of course we’ve got to fit in a little Ashtanga too while we are up there, so we will be practicing with authorized teacher, Faith Scimecca for Mysore on Tuesday before heading home to sweet li’l C-ville.

It’s going to be a sunny, beautiful and fun weekend for us.  I hope all the same for you.





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