Peace Out Ice Cream.

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Happy 5th of July!  Day 1 of my new 40 day practice that is.

It’s come clear to me that I need to make some dietary changes to improve my skin and hopefully to help clear up the inflammation in my knees that is still bugging my asana practice.

So, even though I already eat quite well…vegetarian, organic, lots of green smoothies and kale in all forms, light dinners, not excessive amounts of dairy, no caffeine, booze, trans-fats or HFCS….I am going to step it up a notch!  We practice hard and sweat a lot and I don’t like getting obsessively restrictive about my diet.  I try to be easy on myself and practice self-love rather than reverting to old patterns of denial, shame, fear, all that mean old ED stuff.  But, for right now, I’m taking this sauca stuff a bit more seriously… for the sake of my practice, not just for my figure.

For the next 40 days (Yogi Bhajan always said it takes 40 days to make or break a habit) – NO white sugar, white flour or any cow’s dairy.  All gluten in moderation, goat/sheep dairy in moderation and bananas and honey in moderation too.

I’m not going totally gluten free or totally vegan, because I was muscle tested and that doesn’t seem completely necessary (plus, we have a new bakery in town that makes this amazing whole wheat bread sweetened with honey…and I like having a bit of bread now and again).

I know this isn’t a huge sacrifice for me, but I think it will make a difference in my health.  It also means Boyfriend Yogi and I will have to be a little more creative on those nights when instead of a proper dinner we walk downtown to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt (very sattvic…but maybe not the best nutritional choice ever!).

Luckily, to save me from a summer sans ice cream, our new Whole Foods is carrying this super amazing delicious raw vegan agave-sweetened cashew “gelato” called Cashewtopia.  It’s better than the “real thing”.  Seriously.

There are so many great choices for gluten-free, vegan etc., these days.  I’m going to do a little baking experiment later this week. If it turns out well, I’ll be sure to post the recipe!  Let me know if you have any great recipes that work for my new little regime!

Peace, Love and Sugar-Free Sweetness –



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