Harjeet Healing.

Sat Nam dear readers,

Just wanted to let my local followers know about the bodywork that Boyfriend Yogi (who has a real name – Thaddeus) and I do here in Charlottesville.

We just launched our website (designed by a great local yogini) and I hope you will take a look: Harjeet Healing

We both practice different types of Asian bodywork, Swedish massage and Reiki healing.

We’ve given our healing partnership the name that was actually given to both of us, separately, as our spiritual name in the Kundalini tradition.  It’s pretty rare to get the same name as your partner, though back in the day Yogi Bhajan would apparently give couples the same name and then tell them to go get married and start teaching Kundalini yoga to others.

These days spiritual names are given out by Nirinjan Kaur, who was taught specifically by Yogi Bhajan how to determine the right name for each individual using scripture and numerology.

The name that Thaddeus and I share is Harjeet.  Harjeet means the “loving, creative, prosperous one who overcomes all obstacles on the path to merge with God”.  Whoa! Pretty awesome name.  I’m definitely working on fulfilling that one….

If you are interested in some bodywork, or know someone around town who might be, give us a shout and spread the word!

With deep GRATITUDE and LOVE,



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