Saturday Song of Love: Radha Rani ki Jai!!


Hello dear readers.

Happy Saturday! It’s been too long since I’ve posted one of my favorite devotional songs, but I’ve got a great one for you today.

This is one of my new absolute favorites.  I’ve been playing it in a lot of my Vinyasa yoga classes at Studio 206 and Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville.

It’s so uplifting and beautiful.  I love practicing and flowing to this sweet loving song to the beautiful Divine Feminine energy of Radha Rani, Krsna’s Beloved.

I hope this will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.  I know it always works for me!





2 thoughts on “Saturday Song of Love: Radha Rani ki Jai!!

  1. This is so beautiful Frances. Can it be found and purchased on iTunes or some sort of easily accessible album i can find online to order? I’d love any recommendations you have for yoga music compilations!.

  2. Hi Chris.
    Glad you like this song too! I love a lot of Jai Uttal’s music, but this song and “Gopala” are my two faves. This one is off Disc 2 of his album: “Kirtan – the Art and Practice of Ecstatic Chanting”. I bet you can find it on itunes. If not, check his site –
    He’s with this great label, Mantralogy –
    Also on that label are some of my other favorite kirtan wallahs like Gaura Vani and the Mayapuris.
    There’s so much great devotional music out there. Maybe I’ll share a few of my best yoga playlists here on the blog someday soon!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Love and Light.

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