Raw Chia Seed and Peach Pudding!

Hi friends –

I made something totally delish today for a little afternoon sweet treat that I think you might like! Boyfriend Yogi was quite pleased with it, telling me, as he licked his spoon, that he “would be very happy to eat it whenever I felt like making it” (which is a big compliment if you know how understated he is!).

Chia seeds are those funny little seeds that we used to have to grow our Chia pets (if you were a kid in the 80’s-90’s you remember I’m sure)!  They are not too expensive and they have lots of health benefits.  I bought some in bulk recently from Mountain Rose Herbs. I love eating seeds because I like to visualize how each tiny little seed contains all that huge, life-giving energy and power that can grow a full plant and how with each bite I’m being boosted by that plant power!

Chia seeds are great for weight loss too because they absorb water and become big and gelatinous (perfect for pudding).  Eating these seeds is beneficial for your health because they contain lots of good fiber, Omega 3s and they help to stabilize your blood sugar.

This pudding was especially tasty because I used some of the sweet local Virginia peaches that we recently picked ourselves over in Greenwood.  I had a bunch of these peaches frozen and they made the perfect consistency and flavor for this little desert!


Start with a little less than 1/4 cup of chia seeds in a bowl.


-2 (frozen) peaches

-tiny splash of vanilla

-pinch of cinnamon

-2 pitted dates

-handful of raw macadamia nuts

-1 cup of organic almond milk

Pour blended mixture over the chia seeds.

Chill in refrigerator for over 30 minutes.  The longer you leave it alone, the more soft and chewy the seeds become.  I let mine chill for around 3 hours and it was a fabulous consistency!


You might try chopping up a date very finely to put in the pudding to add a little extra texture (that happened to my pudding today by accident but it was a nice addition).

As always – play with it and make it your own! Let me know how your pudding turns out!


Happy eating!





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