Reground and Balance after the Earth Shakes Under Your Feet.

So, yesterday there was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that shook us like crazy here in Charlottesville.  The epicenter was only about 40 miles away from where I live, but I imagine most of my East Coast readers felt the quake.  It was pretty wild!  We are so blessed that there was no real significant damage.  Yesterday was Prabhupada’s appearance day, so Boyfriend Yogi thinks Krsna was giving us all a little shake as a wake-up call! Who knows, but it was something! And not something you would expect on just another sleepy summer day on the East Coast!

To be honest, I’ve been on the edge recently and feeling rather shook up and fragile (even pre-earthquake).  I’ve spoken with some other sensitive, intuitive women over the past day and they too felt this energy of uncertainty, un-safety and un-groundedness leading up to the event.

Now that it’s past us, we can wipe our brows, count our blessings and carry on.  But to do this, it might be helpful to take a little time to reground and tune in with yourself.

This is one of my techniques to release old energy, clear myself and get grounded: I stand firmly on both feet, reach my arms up over my head, take a deep inhale and then sweep my arms down in front of me, exhaling forcefully out my lips making a whoosh sound.  I do this 3 times normally.  Each time I imagine that I am actually standing behind myself and that the sweeping down of my arms is clearing the Bladder Meridian (which starts on the inner rim of the eyes, goes over the head and runs down the back on both sides of the spine and down the back of the legs).  Each sweep, I clear myself, release and let go of old, stuck energy and let it fall away back to the earth.

Then, feeling clear and stable, I stand tall and start pushing my feet down onto the ground.  Feeling the earth rebounding, pushing back on the bottoms of my feet – I feel my connection with the earth and imagine roots growing from the soles of my feet into the molten core of the earth.  I say internally “I am grounded, I am stable, I am connected to the earth.”

I love to do this each night before I crawl into bed.  It’s very comforting and helps me release the day so that I will sleep peacefully.

Earthquakes have a big effect on our nervous systems, so I would encourage you also to try this Kundalini Yoga Meditation to rebalance and adjust the magnetic field.

This Meditation will balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain so that your nervous system can relax and function at a normal level.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

Many Blessings to all,





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