Fiancé Yogi

Boyfriend Yogi is now Fiancé Yogi.  Whoop whoop!

He proposed on the beach last week in Maine…after carrying around these rings for over a year!  3 stacking gold rings – one with an uncut diamond (my Mum always wore an uncut diamond ring when I was young), another with a Montana sapphire (for my Montana man) and the third with a milky emerald (green for the heart chakra).

We found these fabulous stacking rings (which I love because I can play with them and stack them in all sorts of configurations) at an art gallery in Telluride when we were there last July for the Yoga Festival.   Despite the short time we had actually been together by this point, the universe had made it pretty clear that we were in it for life.

I love the vibrancy of these stones and the unique nature of the rings.  We met the artist, Petra Class, in San Francisco last fall.  We went to her studio, picked them up after sizing and discussed the band options.  Very special to be able to have a personal connection with the jeweler.

Even more special to take this next step….

So grateful for my wonderful partner and for the all the LOVE in our lives.




5 thoughts on “Fiancé Yogi

  1. Frances and Thad, Congratulations! I was on the Elephant Journal website and saw your posting and link to your blog. Many hearty congratulations to you both, and safe travels.


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