Back in the flow of things…

                                                                                                                                                                                          ♥ Bhakti Fest Love ♥

Hi dear readers,

Sorry to have been so MIA….I was lost in the bhav of Bhakti Fest and all those crazy California vibes!

Finally back in Cville and so grateful to be nesting in!  Practiced full primary at AYC this morning and it felt A M A Z I N G!

2+ weeks on the road takes a bit out of you.  I maintained my practice…but it was definitely shortened and modified.  Some days I just did a little Kundalini warm-ups and breath work.  Of course I took lots of great yoga classes at Bhakti Fest but nothing compares to the full system readjustment that is the primary series of Ashtanga!

I’ve got a couple of posts on the way….Here’s my piece from elephant journal about Bhakti Fest!

In addition – here’s a great article I just read today called “Yoga and the Commodification of the True Self“.  Check it out!

Many Blessings

Love Frances


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