Autumnal Shifting.

It suddenly feels like fall in VA!  I ♥ LOVE ♥ fall!  It’s always been my favorite season (and not just because my birthday is in the fall! haha).  I love wearing sweaters and tams.  I love pumpkins and pumpkin muffins!  I loved wearing my furry Uggs to Mysore the other day too!

Yesterday I threw together a big colorful veggie mélange* for supper with my sweetie.

*Shaved golden beets, kale, julienned carrots, minced ginger and garlic, yellow onion, heirloom tomatoes sautéed in coconut oil, seasoned with tamari, siracha, ginger powder, hot pepper sesame oil, celtic salt and black pepper – served over soba noodles = simple and delish!

I love fall foods – especially squash!  I can’t wait to make some butternut squash soup with coconut milk.

Fiancé Yogi (that’s so fun to say!) came home from the farmer’s market yesterday with a bounty of fall veggies:

Eggplant, delicata squash, russet potatoes, acorn squash, big ripe tomatoes and…


A beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!

(My favorite part of this bouquet is that it incorporates basil stems in the arrangement.  Isn’t that a great idea? It’s pretty (purple veined basil) and it lends a fabulous aroma to the arrangement).

The changing of the season is always a good time to do a little rebalancing cleanse or detox.  Yoga Journal is offering a free, week long guided Ayurvedic Detox plan (led by my favorite Scott Blossom!).  It’s already technically started, but it’s self-guided so you could do it anytime.  Basically it’s a kitcharee cleanse with different yoga sequences and purification techniques – all designed to balance the doshas.  Check it out.

I’m going to start a mini cleanse tomorrow (just 3 days of mung beans and rice kitcharee and yogi tea, which was recommended by Yogi Bhajan as a cool weather cleanse).  I got in the cleansing mood today with a long session of dry brushing while I tried for the first time (it’s totally weird!) oil pulling!

I’m looking forward to the fall colors, getting back into my Ashtanga routine, starting a new Kundalini meditation and cooking lots of warm, grounding autumnal foods!

What are you excited for this fall?






4 thoughts on “Autumnal Shifting.

  1. Love oil pulling and dry skin brush massages. I have been doing both for the last three weeks. Fall is a great time to cleanse and prepare for the winter. I am also looking forward to making some apple dishes.

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