Donation Kundalini Yoga Workshop.


This time, next week I will be leading a 2 hour Kundalini Yoga workshop for STRENGTH AND STEADFASTNESS.

If you are in Charlottesville or the surrounding area, please come!

Presented by Guerilla Yoga Project, this workshop is donation, pay-what-you-can!  Spread the word! Yoga to the people!

I’m super psyched about our venue – The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative.

The Bridge is right downtown (as you cross the Belmont Bridge) and always has super funky art exhibits up.

I’m really looking forward to sharing a few amazing kriyas and meditations with you.


9:30 to 11:30 am.


Here’s a little more info about the theme and content of the workshop:


As we are floundering in the midst of this transition of the Ages, yoga is an invaluable tool to help you stay grounded, focused and centered on that which matters most– Truth and Love. In this workshop we will practice empowering, traditional Kundalini Yoga kriyas to help build the strength and courage to withstand the pressures of these challenging times.  By practicing the asanas, breathwork, chanting and meditation techniques of Kundalini Yoga, you can fortify your nervous system and balance and energize the physical and subtle bodies so that no matter what comes your way, you can stand tall in health, happiness and wholeness, conducting your life with grace from a heart-centered place.
All are welcome, and no prior yoga experience is necessary.  If possible, please bring a yoga mat, sheepskin, cushion and/or blanket (or anything else that helps you feel most comfortable in seated meditation).  Donations are gratefully accepted.
Hope to see you there.
Leave a comment if you have any questions!
P.S. – Sorry about the icky formatting, wordpress is being annoying today!



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