It’s the little things…

Rereading yesterdays sob-fest post-practice post, I thought “Wow, I sound like such a drama queen…and a morose one at that!”

So, as an antidote, today’s post is all about the positive – about all the sweet and silly little things that are making my life wonderful right now!

There is so much for which I am grateful.  Speaking of gratitude, I love this Yogi Bhajan quote: “An attitude of gratitude brings possibilities.”

So true.

Here’s a brief list of happy things for me today:

1. I have the most wonderful partner (and I don’t mean to brag, but I can’t help myself, I’m just goo-goo-ga-ga for him!).  I came home from working at the spa the other day and look what was waiting for me! I love orchids so much, but only one of the 10 orchids in my collection is blooming right now, so Fiance Yogi knew exactly what would make me smile.

2. It’s yogi tea season again! And I’m loving it. We buy this amazing local honey from Hungry Hill Farm at our little farmer’s market, and yogi tea is the perfect vehicle for massive and delicious honey consumption! I have such a sweet tooth!

3.  My backbends were much easier and less painful today.  I was able to do all my dropbacks (with assistance of course) and I decided that in Monday since it will be a new moon cycle, I will start dropping back by myself using the foam – I think I have the courage for this again. My sacrum popped in ustrasana today – so goooood.

4. I pretty much came up out of laghuvajrasana by myself today and with no blocks and with no grunting and only the tiniest bit of assistance (mostly moral support and no lifting from my teacher).  Big improvement.

5. I finished my Save the Dates last night! I made more than I actually need considering my tiny tiny guest list, but it was so fun I just kept going! Now I’m considering whether I’m going to make all of my own wedding invitations by hand, or if I’m going to etsy this one. Sounds like a lot of work….

6. My pasasana is really improving. I can feel my ankles getting really strong as a result of this pose.  I used to twist and roll my ankles all the time walking around, but ever since I started practicing pasasana this doesn’t happen anymore. Yay! Of course I am not nearly as adept in this pose as FY (see below….he makes this pose look way easier than it actually is!)

7. I am reading the most magical and entrancing book called “The Night Circus”.  It was a birthday present from my Mum and I seriously can’t put it down.  I love getting lost in a really good novel!  There’s nothing quite like that.

8. It’s a beautiful crisp fall day.  I’m going to make coconut milk butternut squash soup for lunch and then I will be going on a junktique adventure with a friend to look for more mismatched vintage porcelain for our wedding!  Yippee!

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED day.

Love Frances


6 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Hi Frances!

    Yay for making your own wedding stuff… one of the most fun parts of planning. Also, it’s hard to decide when not to DIY, but can ultimately be sanity-preserving!

    My sis and I scavenged dozens of vintage china plates in a thrift store marathon literally two weeks before our wedding. I still have them in boxes in my shed. If you want to go the vintage china route, you are welcome to go through them and use the ones you like. I have no use for ALL those plates right now (though I did pick my favorite set to keep)…


    p.s. I ❤ your blog! Thanks for sharing both your struggles and your successes in day to day practice; it's inspiring, especially for someone recovering from "life without yoga" like me :). One of the things that kept me away was not realizing that it's normal for practice to always be in flux and not necessarily on an upward trajectory every day.

    • Thanks Emily…such a sweet comment. I’m so glad you find my ramblings inspiring! Yes, it’s hard to grasp that sometimes you aren’t “progressing” even when it feels like you “should”….it seems to be the practice’s way of teaching us to let go of expectations. Thanks for your offer about the china….I would love to look through your collection! That would be stellar. I’m happy to have you back at the shala 🙂 BTW – I want to see your wedding photos!!! Friend me on Facebook! Or even better, if you ever have a free moment (hardly likely with med school!), come on over for a tea visit!

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