Hearty November Lentils.

October is my favorite month by far.  Mostly because it includes my birthday and Halloween, also I really like wearing sweaters and leggings, and the weather in October is perfect for that kind of attire.

But, if I had to choose another month I really like, at least for right now, it would be November!

Why? Well, the eatin’s good in November! And I love to nom-nom on tasty, warming, seasonal veggies.

So that’s why I’m sharing with you a little lentil recipe I made up for lunch the other day.

The first thing Fiance Yogi said when he had a bite of these lentils was “Yum, tastes like stuffing…I love stuffing!”  And seriously, who doesn’t love stuffing?  Best part of Thanksgiving, in my humble opinion.

So here’s the recipe….as always, make it your own, add or eliminate ingredients as you like and please let me know if you come up with some awesome alterations to the dish!

To begin:

Soak your french green lentils in hot water. I used just over a cup of lentils. If you have the foresight, soak for a few hours.

After the soaking, rinse and then add to a pot with 2 cups of water or vegetable stock.  Boil, simmer, cover, cook.

Meanwhile, pull out your other ingredients:

3 stalks of celery

1 yellow onion

2 carrots

A few sundried tomatoes for a little extra hearty flavor

3 garlic cloves

Now get chopping!

Heat a big spoonful of ghee (or coconut oil or olive oil if you don’t use ghee.  But, if you’ve never tried it before, give ghee a chance sometime because most people who don’t do dairy can handle ghee because it doesn’t contain any milk solids. Ghee is proscribed in a lot of Ayurvedic cooking because of it’s many health benefits.  It’s especially great to keep the joints lubricated and to tame inflammation in the body.

Sauté the onions and celery in the ghee.

Once these gets softer and more transparent, add the carrots and sundried tomatoes and garlic and keep stirring!

At this point I began to add my herbs and seasonings. I used fresh sage from the garden, Herbamare, herbes de provence (these lentils are french, right?) and a lot of ground black pepper! (The parsley joined the show later on…)

Mix everything nice and good.

When the lentils are soft and ready, add them in with the veg.

Stir for awhile.  At this point those french lentils are looking pretty brown and making the whole meal look kind of brown and icky….but do not fret, it tastes delicious, and the parsley and carrots do add a nice bit of color.

Once everything is perfectly mixed and warm, top it off by sprinkling finely chopped parsley over the lentils.

I went an extra step (and I would highly recommend this to you non-vegans) and added a lot of crumbled feta cheese into the mix.  Yum.

And you’re ready to chow!

I served our lentils with a side of roasted brussel sprouts (roasted for 20 minutes in olive oil and salt and pepper – perfect!).  I recently had the good fortune to discover that I actually LOVE brussel sprouts! Who knew! They are so cute too….don’t you think?

Brussel sprouts make me think of garbha pindasana  🙂

Happy eating!

Many blessings,




2 thoughts on “Hearty November Lentils.

  1. Cute brussels sprouts!! I just showed Tony the sprouts/garbha pindasana comparison because it’s so cute.

    Lentil soup looks yummy, too.


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