This morning I am so thankful to be living so close to my mother!  The benefits of being back on the East Coast are worth the missing of those big Rocky Mountains (for now at least…)

We are heading off within the hour to spend the long holiday weekend with my mum, my sister and 2 of my most favorite aunts with their husbands and kiddos.  Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday.  It’s hard to go wrong with lots of good food and a big dose of gratitude.

When I was younger my mother always made us go around the dinner table (and not just at Thanksgiving) and express one thing we were grateful for that day.  We would roll our eyes of course, but she had a good point.  Recognizing the many little blessings in your life each day is a really positive practice.  The devout have known this for years of course, but now it’s “official” because the scientists can prove that a positive attitude of gratitude is good for your health!  (I love this phenomenon in our culture, it cracks me up that scientists have to “prove” what has been known by the yogis and sages for millenia).

I’m grateful for so much right now.

I’m thankful for my sweet and wonderful partner.  I’ve been working through a lot of my personal baggage recently and FY keeps pushing me through it.  Sometimes it’s a bit fierce, his tough love, but in the end, I’m grateful for it because his love is so deeply compassionate.  I know that he is always concerned for the benefit of my highest Self and because of this he doesn’t coddle my little whiny self-absorbed self (even when I’m feeling kind of weak and I wish he would!). I’m so blessed to have been brought together with him again in this lifetime.

I’m thankful for the small little Mysore this morning because it meant I got extra attention especially with my Second Series poses and backbends.  My drop-backs are slowly getting better, we did a lot of them today and worked with the foam too (which I kind of loathe).  My back is definitely opening, slowly but surely.  My fingers are reaching my heels on my last backbend pretty much every day of practice right now, which is kind of cool.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to cook with my family this weekend.  There are so many amazing autumnal dishes that I’m excited to prepare.  I’m definitely roasting brussel sprouts tomorrow!  I’m also going to try a few of these vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes from the New York Times.

I’m grateful for the bountiful abundance and prosperity in my life.  I’m so blessed to be able to live a simple life, not have to work too hard and have all my materials needs amply met.  I love our home here in Charlottesville.  I love our community and the sweetness of practicing side by side with my partner and friends at the shala each morning.  I am thankful that I don’t have to work in a cubicle but instead get to spend my working days teaching yoga and practicing healing bodywork!

That said, I’m also super thankful for this long weekend break off of “work”.  I’m grateful to have a little time to recharge!

Thank you for reading my blog.

I hope you have a bountiful, blissful and beautiful holiday.

With Love and Gratitude.



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