Achy Breaky Body, Healing Hot Springs and The Hunger Games

Hello Stranger.

I’m back!  Montana wasn’t nearly as cold as I feared it would be!  Only in the 20s.  It was actually a welcome trip – I just loved seeing the mountains and the big skies of the West again.

We practiced at the Yoga Fitness Center, the studio where FY used to teach.  I had a great Mysore practice on Thursday, considering the amount of time I had spent crouched in an airplane seat the day before!  Some days my body feels so light and loose – on those days practice is such a joy! I even managed to come up out of Laghu without strain.  Progress!  Saturday morning we attended a Kundalini class, which was fun because I rarely practice full kriyas any more (sadly…but I’ve got too much else on my yoga plate for the time being).

The light and lovely practice streak was short-lived though.  Friday I woke up with this wretched aching pain in both my shoulders.  They felt seriously inflamed, just like my whole body felt like when I had Dengue Fever a few years ago.  Ugh…that was an awful 8 weeks – I couldn’t even walk up and down stairs without unbelievable aching pain in all my joints! Feeling this pain once again totally freaked me out! I still did full primary on Friday, but every vinyasa was a challenge.  Yesterday was the worst though.  We got in late the night before and my body was stiff from traveling and my shoulders were extra inflamed.  FY had done some intense body work on my scalenes (which are obscenely tight right now…but they are a trigger point for the inner edge of my shoulder blade, so working on the them makes a huge impact) and that helps some.  But I wasn’t able to do more than standing series and a bunch of restoratives yesterday.

So you can imagine my delight when I woke up feeling almost completely better this morning.  I slept in and did some gentle stretching before Mysore.  I was almost giddy at Mysore when I realized that I could move without that pain in my shoulders! I am so grateful to have a healthy body.  Gratitude is a good thing, of course, but this experience also pointed out to me just how far I have to go! I so easily identify myself with my body and this is obviously avidya – ignorance/illusion.  Oh well… no big surprise there – I have a lot more to practice!

Back to Montana – we went to Hot Springs over the weekend, which is this tiny dinky town with these old and really healing hot springs.  We soaked for hours, until we couldn’t see straight.  FY’s bestie came down with his partner for a soak.  We laughed the whole time.  We laughed til my cheeks hurt!  Talk about healing!  Hot springs are the best.

There was this sign at the gas station in that town that said “Free Prem”, which totally cracked me up because I’m a yoga-dork.  If you don’t get it, don’t ask.  It’s really not that funny.

Anyways, I’m sorry I’ve let the blog slip a little recently.  I meant to post yesterday but I was too engulfed in reading the second book of the Hunger Games.  I know it’s for teenagers, but it’s so engrossing and completely addictive.  I read the first book on the plane and it made the time fly by!  I can’t wait for the movie!  Have you read these books yet?

By the way, I had a piece of the most delectable vegan gingerbread over the weekend.  My mouth is watering just remembering it.  My goal this week is to recreate this perfect, moist and spicy gingerbread.  When I do, I will be sure to share the recipe with you.

Love Frances


5 thoughts on “Achy Breaky Body, Healing Hot Springs and The Hunger Games

  1. My client is bringing Hunger Games to me tomorrow!! She has been raving about it.
    Put me on the list for a taste of some gingerbread :o) pleeeeeaaasse!

    • It’s delightfully addictive…like Twilight but not as pathetically sappy and adolescent. If you want the second book let me know…I just finished it this afternoon (took me all of a day and a half to gobble it up!) You will be sure to get some gingerbread! It was great practicing with you today…even if we were on opposite sides of the room… 🙂

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