Yoga and Bodywork.

Happy Sunday.

It sure is a sunny one here.  I love that low December light pouring through the windows.

Yesterday I taught a 2 hour class on Kundalini Yoga to the teacher trainees at the Charlottesville Yoga School.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity for me to get the chance to introduce KY to a bunch of newbies! As I progress in my Ashtanga practice I am finding more and more correlations between these two traditions (sounds like I have an idea for a new blog post soon…).  CYS is such a great program.  If I had to do my 200 hour training all over again I would definitely do it with them.  I just adore Jennifer, Jen and Kate – they are all such dedicated and gifted yoginis and teachers. If you are in Charlottesville and looking to deepen your practice with a 200 hour teacher training, look no further!

Remember how earlier in the week I was whining (typical…) about my inflamed shoulders? Well, although there was a brief moment of no-pain on Monday, sadly that didn’t last. My right shoulder is definitely worse than my left, but they are both achy in all sorts of funny places.  It doesn’t restrict movement in my practice, except for my backbends slightly, but it is an ever-present sensation especially through all the vinyasas.

I know I’m in need of some deep bodywork.  Although bodywork is part of my professional life, I don’t actually get regular massage.  I am lucky enough to get great chiropractic adjustments though.  My friend Jennifer Accurso is a fabulous chiropractor in town and we’ve worked out this deal: she adjusts me and FY and in exchange I get to babysit (a.k.a. play) with her sweet little boy (he’s almost 2!) while she practice Mysore with FY once or twice a week.  Pretty sweet deal.  But that said, my body needs a little more right now.

I’m looking into doing the 10 series of Rolfing. When David Keil was in town teaching a few weeks ago, he spoke highly about Structural Integration Therapy (Rolfing).  It sounded like it had been quite beneficial to his yoga practice.  I know that I have some wonky patterns that I hold in my body, for example one of my shoulders is almost always higher than the other.  I use my body a lot.  I walk all the time.  I practice hard (and Ashtanga is intense, no doubt about it).  I teach lots of yoga and I do a fair amount of bodywork (including deep tissue massage which requires quite a lot of strength and stamina!).

Have you ever done any Rolfing? How much did it hurt?  Did you notice real lasting effects from the work? Did you notice any effects on your yoga practice?

Although my fiance is a gifted bodyworker, we don’t trade very often.  We never really get around to it, though we occasionally help each other with minor aches and pains.  One time last winter though we traded swedish massages and the next day we both had the worst Mysore practices ever!  It was so interesting.  I think all the toxins, lymph and exhaustion that got moved around during the bodywork just flooded my system…I couldn’t pick myself up at all. I felt like a log.  The next day I was fine though.  That was a really dramatic effect of the bodywork.  Anyone ever have an experience like that before?

To close I want to share with you some good news!

If you’ve been following my bloggy blog for awhile, you might be familiar with my painful left knee.  Starting in January I developed this really sharp pain in my inner left knee.  I thought I had a minor tear in my meniscus or another ligament, but I never went to the doctor.  The pain never really left, though sometimes it was better than others.  When I took a 3 week break from super-hard practice at the end of the summer, the pain subsided, so I began to get really discouraged thinking “Ashtanga ruined my knee…I’m such a stereotype…Lame….”

So, when David Keil was here I asked him to take a look at my knee.  We chatted about it, when/where it hurts, where the movement is limited etc.,  He palpated around the area and found that the inflamed part was actually an attachment of my quadriceps.  He gave me a few simple quad stretches to practice.  Since then, I’ve been incorporating them to my practice daily.  Within 4 days my knee pain was gone! I’ve been silent about this because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I think it’s for real now! Not only has my knee improved, but I’ve also noticed that when I stretch my quads right before backbends, it’s much easier to go deeply into that first urdhva dhanurasana.

Whoo hoo!

Yay for yoga! It really makes me happy.





2 thoughts on “Yoga and Bodywork.

  1. Hey Frances. I had a dandy time dancing with you Saturday night! Also, I’m looking forward to making the Vegan Gingerbread that you’ve posted below this entry. I friended you on FB, and I’m pretty sure my blog is listed on my profile but if it’s not, here’s the URL:

    yay! see you for Wednesday yoga fun.


    • The kirtan last night was such a blast! Though my right calf still has this funny charlie-horse in it from all the jumping up and down. It was great hanging with you last night. Thanks for the friend invite and for linking your blog. I look forward to checking it out.
      Definitely give the gingerbread a try, we ate all of ours in less than 24 hours…hehe…it was just too tasty….

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