I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, I miss drop-backs.

Well, it’s day 8 of modified/no-practice and boy oh boy am I antzy!

My shoulders are both still inflamed and apparently I have bursitis or something like that in my right shoulder (that’s the super owey one).

So, that still means no chaturangas and jump-backs/jump-throughs.

Nevertheless I did practice today at regular Mysore (instead of just lying in bed ’til 7:30 and then stretching lazily on my sheepskin like I have been doing).

This morning I did all my Surya Namaskars just plank to up-dog and then all the standing poses like normal (minus the bakasana exit from utkatasana).

Then I practiced all of the seated poses one after another with no vinyasas/no pick-ups (because that really does aggravate my shoulder right now).  It was so nice and relaxed doing this.  I really enjoyed my practice today even though I was gimpy and I didn’t break a sweat at all.

Practicing this way really gave me a greater appreciation for the power of the vinyasas.  Without them it’s really hard to build enough heat and flow.  Supta Kurmasana was pretty much a joke today because I was so stiff and cold.  Oh well!  I’m fine allowing the torture to wait for a later date.

To close, I stretched my quads a bit (in the method shown to me by David Keil) and then I did 3 urdhva dhanurasana.  They did not feel like “wheels” today but rather squarish tables.  Not pretty…but not painful…just stiff.

Over a week with no backbends (other than bridge pose, which when you are regularly practicing deep, grab-for-the-ankles-backbends,  doesn’t feel like much at all) and no dropbacks and my back feels stiff and messy! Luckily I had a great crackety-pop from a chiropractor friend yesterday.

My back hurts when I practice dropbacks.

My back really hurts when I don’t practice dropbacks.

So I’m choosing the dropback poison from the two choices, because that’s a way cooler reason to have an achy back anyways.

And apparently the pain will pass, or at least that’s what my teacher says to keep me doing them.  She says there’s no way around the pain and I believe her.  Seems like it’s just a necessary step.

But I think things are looking up and I hope I only have a few more days of modified practice.  Fingers crossed, because I’m really looking forward to our 108 Sun Salutations this Friday!

That’s all for now folks.

Love Frances


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, I miss drop-backs.

  1. Is it not weird how we need to force ourselves to stay AWAY from the mat while beginners need sooo much motivation to roll out their mats? I think there’s a proper disease called yoga addiction!
    Good luck and all the best for your practice!

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