Closed for the Weekend: At the Beach

Peace out y’all.  We’re heading to Mexico.

My big brother is getting married this weekend.  It’s the first of the 3 weddings happening this year in our family.  SO exciting!

I’ll be sure to take some pretty pictures…backbends on the beach perhaps…but I won’t be taking the MacBook along, so, I’ll catch up with you all next week.

Quick practice update: Bursitis is back with a vengeance in both shoulders…. boo hoo.  I had to skip out on all my vinyasas and pick ups today and just practice Primary with some nice long restoratives at the end.

This practice always provides wonderful lessons for me about the transient nature of things.

Yesterday I had a great practice – I grabbed my heels in both my Kapotasana and Urdhva Dhanurasana.  Yippee.   And today? Just a simple bridge pose for my backbends series.

Ashtanga is anything but linear!

No worries …tomorrow’s another day.


Have a great weekend.

Love F


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