Sunny Days and Cool Nights in Baja

We are back! What a fabulous weekend!  I can’t believe we were only gone 3 nights, it felt longer for sure – Baja is truly another world.  We stayed in this super cool modern house minutes away from the beach.  My brother’s wedding was beyond gorgeous.  We feasted like kings the whole weekend.  I seriously ate over 10 avocados by myself – they are so cheap and delicious down there.  Oh and the papaya! Heavenly!  Thad and I enjoyed practicing yoga and chanting on the private porch off our bedroom every morning.  We also had a blast paddle boarding together (I finally found a physical activity that I am better at than he is! hehe!).  The water is so warm and clear in the Sea of Cortez.  Perfect water for floating over the rollers.  By far the most magical thing of the weekend was floating in the sea with my ears submerged listening to whales singing!  So cool.  After my brother’s ceremony we saw two whales breaching off the shore – we all took that as a sign for a very blessed union.  Enjoy the photos!


2 thoughts on “Sunny Days and Cool Nights in Baja

  1. Absolutely stunning backdrops. That photo of you and Thad (0163) standing in your formal attire is so sharp and vivid. The backdrop actually looks like a Hollywood studio scrim–it’s almost TOO perfect!

    I LOVE your dress. Did Will have bridesmaids? Is that the bridesmaid’s dress?

    The upside down photo of yourself sunning yourself on the poured concrete should be on next month’s cover of Metropolis Magazine.

    • Thanks Jayne.
      Isn’t that dress fab? I got on sale at Anthro for 70 bucks a few months ago! No bridal party since the wedding was so small.
      I did adjust the colors and contrast on a few of those photos, but even before that, the colors were vivid in that dry desert landscape. It was a gorgeous place and a totally glam weekend gettaway.
      Lots of love.

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