Simple, Easy and Effective Stress Relief.

Today I would like to share with you a very nice little pranayama practice from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

This pranayama technique is a great tool to help you still the mind and clear negative emotions.  This meditation was given specifically to help deal with stressful relationships and past family issues, and who doesn’t have some of those!

When I was with my whole family for the weekend a few weeks ago I did this meditation each day to help me stay calm and grounded and not get caught up in any energies that could potentially add more drama to the family weekend.  This practice works – plain and simple!

There is no set period of time for this practice.  If you want to make it a daily practice, start with 5 minutes and then build to 11 minutes.  You can also just practice this whenever you need to, even if you don’t have a timer, just start the breathing practice and continue until you feel relief from stress.

One of my teachers told me that she does this practice when she is in long lines at the grocery store, resting her mudra on the grocery cart, inconspicuously meditating.  Much more beneficial use of time and energy than flipping through trashy gossip mags!

Meditation for Stress Relief and Clearing the Emotions of the Past

Sit comfortably.

Put your hands at the center of your chest with the tips of the thumbs and all fingers gently touching each other.  Each finger presses lightly against the corresponding finger of the opposite hand.  There is space between the palms.  The fingertips are facing upwards.  Lets the arms remain relaxed at the sides.

Look at the tip of your nose and breathe 4 times per minute.

INHALE for 5 seconds.

HOLD for 5 seconds

EXHALE for 5 seconds.



That’s all! Give it a try.


Sat Nam



5 thoughts on “Simple, Easy and Effective Stress Relief.

  1. Thanks for this one reminding me of this one! Currently living at home with the folks so it will be put to the best of use ~ quite possible to see this become a daily routine… ; )

    • Yep, it’s a good one. Definitely helps with the family stuff – I can attest to that! hey T – I was thinking about you the other day and how much I know you would love crestone healing arts center….not sure what you are up to in your post grad days, but if you need a little life-purpose/spiritual kick in the pants, chac is where it’s at.
      sending you lots of love, light and virtual hug.

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