Our Wedding, Our Food, Our Way.

As you might know by now, I’m in the midst of planning my wedding with my dearest Fiance Yogi.  We are getting married this October here in lovely Virginia. Planning this wedding is so much fun for me because I am viewing it as my largest-scale art project ever!  I am not hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator.  I am relying on my creative juices, scavenging skills and the talents of friends and family to make this a smashing success.  Luckily I have a lot of things working for my advantage.  For one, we are having a tiny and non-traditional wedding.  No band, no dancing, no alcohol, no meat, no bridal party, no bachelor/bachelorette parties, no gettaway car, no random guests/relatives.  We are actually being a bit selfish really – it’s our wedding so we are doing it our way and we don’t really give a damn if it doesn’t fit into the guidelines or expectations of others, and that’s really liberating for me on the planning end!

Since I love healthy and delicious food, the catering for our wedding is one of my top priorities.  I am so thrilled with the caterers “Dinner at Home” with whom we are working.  They are the sweetest couple, she is a professional chef and he does the sales/marketing end. They are athletes themselves and they focus on healthy and local food (right up our alley!).  They have created an entirely vegetarian, egg-free menu for us using seasonal and organic food.  Charlottesville is surrounded by lush farmland and orchards so October is prime time for top-notch local harvest – lucky us!

Yesterday FY and I went in to sample just a few dishes from our menu. Everything was super tasty.  (Please excuse the bad iphone photo!)

Our wedding luncheon is going to be served family style.  Our goal is for everything to be tasty, hearty, healthy and interesting, with a bit of a Southern touch.  Yesterday we tried whole wheat biscuits with cinnamon-honey butter (yum!), white bean and collards cassoulet, a quinoa, chickpea and squash salad and one of hors d’ouvres, an eggplant roulade with pesto and pepper.  FY totally loved the roulade, and that’s a huge accolade because he is not normally a fan of eggplant.

I promise not to overload this blog with wedding details, because that’s not what this is all about, but I was just too excited about our food to not share with you all!

Anyways, gotta run, it’s too nice a day to stay indoors, as my mother would say. FY is waiting for me out in the garden.  It’s time to plant the little seedlings we picked up at the farmer’s market this morning!

Happy Saturday.



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