Hipsta-Snapshots of a Spring Weekend.

I’m loving spring in Virginia.  The weather is perfect; cool nights and warm days that are long and breezy.  Here’s the Hipstamatic review of what I’ve been up to in this gorgeous weekend.  It’s been a week of no Ashtanga yoga and I’m starting to go a little crazy, but the good news is that I’m finally able to sit in sukhasana again without too much pain in my knee so I’m going to give it a go at the shala tomorrow morning!  Yee-ha!

My neighborhood digs…. I love that old coal tower, kind of a grungy Cville icon.

Framing our India antique prints – treasures we found in Delhi.

Planting seeds and seedlings picked up at the farmer’s market and watching my garden grow.

Walking across the Belmont Bridge to visit all the downtown spots that I missed when we were away – like Christian’s Pizza!

Admiration for the Dogwoods.

Mastering the art of layering for breezy, erratic spring weather.

Flowering trees and blue mountains in the background.

Walking through our neighborhood, chanting and chatting with my FY.

Mango Lassi Fizz and big spicy mugs of almond milk chai at Easter Brunch.

Easter Brunch with Faith and her husband – veggie hash, tofu tart, and white chocolate chunk coconut-banana bread.

What a great weekend! After our massive meal this morning, FY and I took a long walk in the woods, but I was too busy chanting and looking at the trees to take any photos! 3 more days here in spring beauty before we head out to Colorado!






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