Holy Cow!

             A Wish-Fulfilling “Surabhi” Cow with Sri Sri Radha-Krsna

When I was a little girl I had a stuffed toy cow named Moo-Moo (creative, I know).  Ok, to be honest, I still have Moo-Moo and even now I sometimes sleep with her in the crook of my arm when I want a little extra comfort.  She’s really too cute to put in a box in the attic, don’t you agree?


My childhood love of this little cow manifested into a concern for all cows.  I consciously stopped eating meat at the age of 9.  I couldn’t bear the thought of eating another little Moo-Moo.  I wasn’t raised by a real carnivore of a mother, so luckily, my vegetarianism was not a problem.  At times in my adolescence when I did try eating meat again, I never-ever ate beef.  I must have been Hindu in a recent past life because the thought of eating a cow is totally revolting to me.

                       This is Pushpa, read her story.

On our recent trip to India, I took so many photos of cows! For those of you who have traveled in India, I’m sure you remember seeing cows everywhere, in the streets, on highways, in fields and around temples too.  Many of them are owned by rural families who utilize the cow’s milk, urine and dung as well their strength for farming. But there are many cows, too many to count, that are just wandering around with no one caring for them.  Sometimes these cows get sick or hit by cars and then are left on the streets to die.  This mistreatment of these docile, beautiful animals is really tragic, especially considering that cows are considered to be sacred in India.



When we were in Vrindavan last month, FY and I visited a wonderful organization called Care for Cows where they give shelter, food, medicine and love to the abandoned and injured cows of Krishna’s Holy City.  In all of Krishna’s Lilas (Divine Pastimes), cows are mentioned.  In fact two of Krishna’s Names, Govinda and Gopala, refer to Krishna’s Love for and protection of these gentle creatures.  Devotees believe that serving and caring for cows is a way of rendering service to Krishna Himself.



We loved visiting Care for Cows, meeting all the cows there, learning their names and seeing the new baby calves.  It’s impossible not to feel love and devotion when you look in the big soulful eyes of a cow with those beautiful long curled eye-lashes.  I know I might sound a bit crazy, but seriously, walking around this peaceful farm, I felt as calm and content as could be, like I had just arisen from a long, tranquil meditation, and I swear it was all the cows!



When we left Vrindavan, I knew that I wanted to be able to help those holy cows.  So FY and I just adopted a baby!  She was just born at the end of March.  We named her Prema which means Divine Love.  Our donation will feed her and care for her if she’s sick.  Isn’t she gorgeous?


I’m totally in love with her!

Please check out Care for Cows website!






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