Colorado Dreamin’

Sorry for my silence! FY and I’ve been busy running around the Rocky Mountains having FUN!  We both LOVE the West.  I went to college in Colorado and he spent many years as a wildland firefighter based in Montana.  We met down in Crestone when we were both students at the Crestone Healing Arts Center.

The real purpose of this recent jaunt to CO was to celebrate my big sister’s wedding in Aspen.  I was given strict orders from the sis not to post any of the professional photos yet (and I was a bridesmaid so I don’t have any photos of my own) so I will refrain for the time being.  But what I will say is that she was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen!  It snowed a bit during the ceremony making it a truly romantic “winter” wedding.  Meanwhile it was 80 degrees in Charlottesville! Love it.

Before the wedding we spent a day in Denver checking out an acupuncture school that FY is applying to for next spring! This means we will be making another big move (after our wedding). I’m jumping for joy at the thought of being back out West.  When we were in Denver we practiced Mysore with Joan Isbell at this sweet space in the Santa Fe Arts District.  Denver is really becoming cooler and cooler in terms of culture, yoga and food.

After the big wedding weekend we snuck down to Crestone to reconnect with our teachers and spend some time on the beautiful land where FY and I first fell in love.  We practiced Qi Gong with Dan, Kundalini Yoga with Sue, Ashtanga Yoga with Annie Pace, visited the Divine Mother Temple at Haidakhandi Universal Ashram and soaked in the hot springs. Let’s just say that after all that I am one happy happy girl!  Crestone is my heaven on earth.  It has got to be one of the most awesome places in the world.

Here are a few snapshots (point and shoot camera unfortunately, I’m too lazy to carry my big boy on these trips) from our long weekend!

                                           I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!

                                            Quintessential Crestone

                                            Jai Hanuman!

                                             Beautiful Ma

                                           The San Luis Valley

    FY with the NY Times at the St. Regis.  Not too shabby.

Driving in Colorado is so amazing!

Kicking back at Joyful Journey Hot Springs


Good times!

I’ll be back at the bloggy-blog for real soon.

Meanwhile check out the edited version of “Dear Mum” on elephant journal!

AND I will leave you with a question (your comments are greatly appreciated):

Do you think I should change the name of my blog to something easier to remember/spell? Is perhaps the Sanskrit name a bit more than the normal blog reader wants to deal with?  I want to make my blog more accessible so I’m considering a name change and a bit of a make-over.

What are your thoughts?





10 thoughts on “Colorado Dreamin’

  1. Nice pictures of your Colorado trip. I found your blog by searching topics and typing in “Colorado.” As far as names go I am finding (I am new to blogging started on 2/28/12) that accessibility is a big factor in blog traffic. I would have eventually found your blog because my other interests in your tags are travel and yoga. I love the mountain picture and the San Luis Valley picture. Nice post.

  2. Ah, moving to Denver!!! I will miss you in Cville, but I can’t blame you for wanting to go West–Sev and I definitely want to some day! Acupuncture school sounds like a great opportunity. See you when you get back!

    • We will miss you too Emily, but it won’t be for awhile. Gotta finish out the summer and the wedding here in VA. So, when I get back into town for real after another stint with David G., so after May 3rd, lets’ please find sometime in your busy med-school schedule so we can have a vegan baking party! xoxo

  3. Great Post, glad you had a chance to come “home”. We live pretty close to Crestone and have been wanting to do a video there. If you check our site you will see that we recently did videos in Monte Vista and San Luis. Any thoughts?

    • Hi there,
      Thanks. I enjoyed checking out your blog too and I totally agree with you all that the best adventures are often times overlooked because they are so close to home. I definitely think a video on Crestone would be cool. There are so many amazing people there to interview, healers and teachers and all the spiritual centers and stupas too. Plus the landscape is so beautiful.

  4. Franny,

    I absolutely loved this post given the very personal appreciation I have for Crestone, CO and the amazing community the surrounds the area. Put a smile on my face to see the Free Box again and to see the hot springs being utilized.

    So happy the both of you will be able to move back soon.

    Loved the post.

    Sat Nam

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