athayoganusasanam just got a spring make-over!

Please welcome Lila!  Now conveniently located at – so much easier for you to remember and share, right?  Hope so.

Lila (pronounced LEE-LA) is a Sanskrit word translated as “play”, “sport” or “pastime”.  In Hindu cosmology there is the idea that this whole universe is the playground of the gods.

This blog is my little playground; a place where I can be silly, serious, philosophical, questing and creative.  I hope you enjoy coming here to play and learn.

I value your feedback, so please let me know how best I can be of service to you.  What are you most interested in learning here at Lila?  What do you want to discuss?  More recipes?  Do you want more photos?  Practice ideas?  Kundalini?  Ashtanga?

Thank you for stopping by!  Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls.   Spread the word.

Blessings and Love,



One thought on “Introducing…Lila!

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