Celebrating my Mother

Today is my mother’s birthday!  I drove up to DC last night so that FY and I can fete her all day long.  My mum knows how to do birthday celebrations better than anyone, and I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade from her.

Luckily the string of gloomy days we’ve been having has passed and today is gloriously spring – sunny and light and breezy!  We had a lazy morning (NY times in bed with tea) followed by a yummy, berrylicious breakfast, present opening and then some mother-daughter bonding time (aka – closet organizing! One of my daughter-duties is being my mother’s personal stylist and shopper). FY practiced this morning at the Woodley Park shala, but I’m taking a few days off the mat after a scary little incident on Monday where my fibula popped out of place (walking across the studio floor – not a yoga injury, mind you, Mr. Broad!).

In a few moments, FY and I are off to the Everlasting Life Cafe, a total vegan treasure over on Georgia Ave, to pick up treats for a picnic in Meridian Hill Park with my mum and aunt.  This afternoon we will head down to the National Gallery to view the Japanese Scrolls exhibit and do some more art museum hopping before a lavish dinner at Fiola.  And to top it all off, an evening on the Mall watching the Doug Aitken projection at the Hirshhorn (which she has seen a few times already, but because it’s so romantic and cute we had to add it in to our day’s celebrations).

Sounds like fun, right? My mum is pretty much the loveliest woman in the world and I couldn’t be more happy to celebrate her and rejoice on this anniversary of her birth!

Yay Mum!

Love Frances


4 thoughts on “Celebrating my Mother

  1. Ah, I noticed that there was a new face at the shala today (drishti failure!) so it’s fun to put together that he’s connected to a blog I frequent! I hope that he had a nice practice here, and I hope you two and your mom enjoy your time together– sounds like a lovely day.

    • Hey there!
      Small world! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂
      Drishti failure – haha – love it. Yep, that man with all the tats, that’s Thad. You might see him again tomorrow…and maybe me too if my leg feels up to it.

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