Somedays You Just Gotta Have Pancakes


I had really great intentions this morning to wake up early, do some gentle yoga, drink green juice and then go to the gym for a little workout before my 11am appointment.

But then I didn’t.

I slept in ’til 7, lolled about in bed for a little bit before showering and then joined my FY in the other room for practice.  With great focus and dedication he practiced his 2nd and 3rd series postures while I lolled about on my mat, thinking about breakfast.  I spent a few minutes in Viparita Karani and then finished with my new 40 day meditation of Sodarshan Chakra Kriya  (the chakra vacuum cleaner as one of my teachers calls it).

By this point it was pretty clear to me that it being my “ladies holiday” I needed to scratch my unrealistic goals for the day and really treat it like a holiday and that meant PANCAKES!

Vegan, whole-wheat, gingery-spicy, coconut and banana pancakes smothered in coconut milk, blueberries, uber-ripe mangoes and real maple syrup!  Oh yeah!  I would share the recipe but I just pulled it together by the seat of my pants and it still needs a bit of tweaking to be presentable.

We ate our breakfast in bed and watched an episode on Netflix.

That’s right.

Happy Monday 🙂

Some days are just pancake days and there’s no use fighting it!




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