Local Yoga Sutra Discussion Group this Sunday

Hey Cvillian Yogis,

Come over to our place in Belmont (202 Douglas Ave) this weekend for a class on yoga philosophy led by my lovely FY, Mr. Thad Haas (doing a little morning Bhakti practice pictured above).  We are offering this little get-together (which will continue every other weekend throughout the summer) with the help of the Guerilla Yoga Project, the donation-based yoga group here in Charlottesville.  We will be reading and discussing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.  This fun little series is called “Sippin’ on the Sutras” and each time it will be a bit different in focus.  My main participation has to do with the hospitality factor.  This Sunday I’m planning on making some tasty vegan chocolate cookies and mint tea, so, if the philosophy doesn’t pull you in, chocolate normally does the trick.  Hope to see you there.  1:30 on Sunday, May 13th.




One thought on “Local Yoga Sutra Discussion Group this Sunday

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