Sweet Saturday So Far…

Yoga practice at home to my favorite playlist playing with some fun and different poses (not my typical Ashtanga routine!)

Fresh eggs in coconut oil with spinach, hemp seeds, Cville-Crunch flax/whole wheat bread and avocado! Protein-packed breakie.  Yum.

Walking through our cute little town to the farmer’s market.

Bluegrass and sunshine – a perfect combination.

Beauty and bounty of spring! The strawberries are amazing right now.

Bopping around downtown Charlottesville.

My favorite vista on the walk home.

Bikes and boys…..2 of my favorite things.

A mini-harvest from thinning out our garden bed.

Writing a few postcards to dear friends.

Life is sweet.

Hope you have are having a joyful and playful weekend.

Love Frances


One thought on “Sweet Saturday So Far…

  1. What a great start of a day. I’ve been vacuuming up water from a plugged washing machine drain all day. Maybe now I can go for a bike ride, so it will get better.

    Thanks for sharing.

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