I Totally HEART Acupuncture.

I had a bunch of needles stuck into my legs and wrists this morning and it was great.  I still feel the acupoints alive with energy, hours later.

I used to be afraid of acupuncture, even though many of my family members regularly were treated with it.  But when I went away to college, I braved the pricking and poking and subsequently had a few experiences that completely sold me!  My school, Colorado College, had a licensed acupuncturist at our student health clinic and we could charge our student accounts to go see him – how sweet is that!

I quickly got over my fear of needles, because I experienced first-hand the amazing healing benefits of this ancient philosophy and medicine.

Whenever FY or I get run down or sick, we make some epic mugs of ginger/lemon/honey/cayenne tea and then call our local acupuncturist.  He has been a lifesaver on so many occasions.

He’s been helping me through my recent knee troubles with some osteopathic work too.  After checking in with me today and finding that my knee is fairly sound structurally (my meniscus is officially not torn and the joint is much more stable) we both agreed that it was time to see what the needles could do.  Sometimes when the inner knee area is sore and tender, but not sharply painful, this is a sign of adrenal fatigue, or in TCM, low kidney chi.  To treat this, I had a number of needles put into the kidney, spleen, stomach and triple-warmer meridians.

My knee feels so much better already (thank goodness because I have a serious weekend of yoga ahead of me with DG)!  Ever since our trip to India, I’ve been plagued by this low-grade infection, so in addition to the needles, my doctor today made me a super potent tincture blend of aromatic herbs to fumigate my tissues and help me get back on track.  The effects of acupuncture are pretty instant in my experience, and over the course of the next few days following an appointment I am often even more aware of improved energy or lessened pain.

Acupuncture is a powerful way of healing the whole person – body, mind, spirit.  Like Ayurveda, from which it originates, Chinese medicine such as acupuncture treats the physical body by working on the energy body, in particular the flow of chi in the meridians that run throughout the body and correspond to various  specific organs.  I’ve been successfully treated with acupuncture for a number of conditions – colds and flu, menstrual irregularity, Dengue Fever, sinus infection, GI troubles and now knee pain.

One of the reasons we are moving to Denver this fall is because my beloved Fiance Yogi is going to acupuncture school! Yippee! I’ll have my very own personal acupuncturist to heal me when I’m sick and give me acupuncture face-lifts when my skin starts to sag…hehe! Acupuncture with the traditional herbal formulas, yoga and nutritious food – that’s all we need in our house to be healthy and between me and FY we are gonna have this covered.  I’m psyched, needless to say.

What about you? Have you had success with acupuncture? Ever treated a “yoga injury”/sports injury just with needles?

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2 thoughts on “I Totally HEART Acupuncture.

  1. What a timely post, Frances! I actually just went to acupuncture earlier today. I originally started acupuncture last year to treat a knee injury. The knee has since gotten much better. I have found that acupuncture is not a quick fix, but if you give it time, it certainly helps the body to heal steadily. Maybe I’ll write a post on this soon.

    • hey nobel,
      excellent. yes, you’re right, not a quick fix, but then again i don’t think there is anything that quickly fixes the knee – it’s such a fickle body part. but, the thing that is so effective about acupuncture (and inversions!) is that it stimulates energy and blood flow to those areas of stagnation. since ligaments don’t really get a lot of blood flow, they really need that extra boost in order to self-heal.

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