“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

            ~ George Bernard Shaw


What are you going to do to PLAY and STAY YOUNG today?

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in DC.  FY and I didn’t get into the yoga class we walked down to at Flow (we are small town folk, so we don’t think about things like pre-registering for classes. Whoops!).  So we’ve decided, in lieu of practice, we will play in my mother’s foyer – doing handstands, spinning around, blasting AWOLNation (we enjoy doing pathetic impersonations of this total badass)  and falling on our butts most likely!

Hope you have a super awesome weekend!




PS – If you are wondering who this perfect little cherub is, he is my new friend Theo…I babysit him sometimes and he makes me laugh all the time. For example, on Thursday I went to put on some music and he says to me, “I like Tom Waits!” (he is 2 and a half), so I decided against the kirtan and put on some Tom for him, at which point he looks at me earnestly and says “This is bear music!”.  Hilarious!



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