God Bless the Moon.

I have memories of being a little girl taking evening strolls with my mother.  We would look up into the dusk sky, see the moon appearing and say in unison:

“I see the moon and the moon sees me! God Bless the moon and God Bless me!”

Even today, it’s almost an automatic reaction in me to exclaim this silly little rhyme when I see the moon.  Silly, yes, but there is something behind it too.

I love the moon – I love its beauty, its folklore and mysticism, its cycles and how they effect me and my body.  I love the symbolism of the moon and the rhythm it creates in my life as a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga.  I am grateful for that beautiful moon – whether it’s a mere fingernail sliver, a half-coin or a fully round glowing sphere.

I hope you have a peaceful and restful moon-day. Rest days are a wonderful gift – a time to nourish oneself and spend a little extra time in silence and self-reflection.



PS – These fanciful photos are by French photographer (how’s that for alliteration?), Laurent Laveder.  I found these images on this blog.  Aren’t they great?


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