Come Do Yoga with Us!

              Do you maybe want to practice a little yoga with us???

                                     I bet you do!

You will feel real good and relaxed afterwards, I promise!

We’re really nice and we LOVE sharing our passion for and knowledge of yoga with people just like you!

So, you are in LUCK!

For my local readers, you have two opportunities this coming weekend to throw down some asana with us in C-ville.

Saturday June 9th at 10am I am teaching a FREE Vinyasa Yoga class at our little Lululemon showroom on the downtown mall.

That same day, at 2 in the afternoon, my FY – the lovely and talented Thad Haas, is teaching a two-hour long workshop entitled “The Heart of Vinyasa” at Studio 206.

Here’s a quick class description:

The practice of yoga serves to “break open one’s heart” so that you may come to fully appreciate and participate in your life free of fear and self-doubt. In this workshop, we will explore the power and influence the heart’s opening has on our practice of Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga. Through an examination of proper technique and alignment combined with an in-depth investigation of the role played by breath, “The Heart of Vinyasa” will assist you in finding the flow and openness needed to take your practice to the next level.

Sounds awesome, right? I assure you it will be!

Can’t make it this Saturday? Have no fear, Thad will be leading two other workshops this summer:

July 1st at Simon Says Yoga in Bethesda MD – a workshop on the 8 limbs of yoga


July 21st in Durham, NC  at Ashtanga Yoga Club Durham – not sure what the theme of this one is yet, but if I had to guess, we will  be doing a bunch of backbends!

Hope to see you soon – on the mat or off!

Love Frances


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