June Days

It’s been a perfectly delightful summery weekend here in old VA.  All the beauty and fun around me sparked some inspiration to carry my camera around a bit more than I usually do.

So I started of the weekend exploring my own little neighborhood one evening when the light was just right.

Walking in the evening is one of our favorite things to do together.  I love this picture of FY with the sun shining through his forehead.  When I first saw it I immediately thought of that saying “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

So many flowers in bloom right now.  These glorious snapdragons are bursting in my garden.

But really, who needs flowers when you have cabbages! They are like gigantic green roses! So glorious.

I caught this little guy in action in my garden.

My mum popped down for the weekend.  We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday walking the Monticello Farm trails together after my Lululemon class, which was a blast. Thanks again to all the folks that came and practiced yoga with me – good fun!

Looking up!

And looking down! Beauty everywhere.

Lots of fun this weekend, including the the Look3 photography festival (maybe that energy in town encouraged me to pull out my camera too?).  I’ve been eating super healthy – gluten-free and mostly vegan now for a week+.  I haven’t noticed a huge change in my body/belly/skin/energy level etc., other than the fact that I feel hungry all the time! Ha!  Anyways, had to bend my rules a little bit to go to a lovely engagement party for a friend this afternoon.

Hope you had an inspiring, healthy and playful weekend too!

Here’s to looking ahead to a great week.





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