Tidbits and Nibbles

Yesterday FY and I spent a super fun morning take our engagement photos with Sarah Cramer.  I’m getting more and more excited for the wedding everyday and working with Sarah yesterday boosted that excitement tenfold.  Here’s a sneak peak!

I can’t wait to see the rest of them! Taking engagement photos has got to be the best relationship boost.  It requires an hour and a half lot of super snuggling and loving up on each other (we do plenty of that already but yesterday was seriously uber-lovin’ on each other day).  It was really sweet.

So sweet that we had to top off our day with a little Sweet Frog.


I’ve been really disciplined with almost no dairy, wheat or sugar for the past 2 weeks….obviously yesterday I let that slide a bit.  (Breaking rules occasionally is good for the soul, in my opinion!) Surprisingly though, I felt fine this morning when I did my mini-practice.  Mini because I’ve been nursing a small headache and I think my Ladies Holiday is imminent.

My “research” with my diet the past few weeks has brought me to a conclusion:  Wheat = bad, Dairy = Okay, Sugar = Bleh, better without.

This pertains especially to the inflammation in my shoulders.  In 2010 I picked up a strain of Dengue Fever in Thailand.  The inflammation caused by this severely affected my shoulders and knees the most.   I recovered from the worst of it within 8 weeks, but there’s always been some lingering pain.

But, since I started eliminating wheat this past month my shoulders are feeling way better during my Ashtanga practice.  Yay!

I saw this clearly when last weekend I made a diet slip up.  We went to two parties in one day and at both I ate wheat.  The next day, so much pain in chaturangas, backbends etc.,. Lame.

I juice and smoothie fasted for a day and then voila! Next morning, no pain.

I’m glad to know that dairy and sugar are OK in moderation. Being vegetarian and gluten-free can be limiting especially in terms of going out to eat and if I was 100% vegan on top of that – no fun!  I still think it’s best for my weight and skin and general health to keep those substances in small doses of course.  I believe that avoiding white sugar is important for everyone.  Other than the occasional fro-yo I barely ever eat white sugar any more.  I’ve even totally moved on from my dark chocolate bar habit! Never thought that would happen! But then again, I never thought I would actually go gluten-free either. I wanted to believe that it was just a weight-loss trend, but alas to my carbo-loving FY, I am now a believer!

FY is bummed that we won’t be going out for pizza anymore, but I’m sure that if he’s really craving, we can make a gluten-free pie here at home.

Since it’s summer time I’m starting to eat a little more raw food.  That means lots of green smoothies!  This morning we spent some time weeding our garden.  We harvested a bunch of beautiful curly kale, which inspired me to make this smoothie:

The Ingredients:

  • bunch of curly kale
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 apples (one green, one pink lady)
  • 1 inch hunk of fresh ginger
  • small squeeze from a lemon
  • spoonful of hempseeds
  • spoonful of golden flaxmeal
  • 1 whole cucumber with peel
  • cup of filtered water

Vitamixed to perfection.  Pretty darn fresh!

So, have you looked at the Barbarazzi yet? Hilarious.  Something else that makes me laugh every time? These Princess Kate memes.

Speaking of funny….I really think my FY is the bees knees.

Example –  Yesterday I was leaving the house to give a treatment and I was wearing a grey t-shirt with a panda bear on it.  FY looks at me and excitedly says “There’s a panda on your shirt! Pandas don’t have sex!”

To which I reply, “How do they make baby pandas!”

He says, “Well, it doesn’t happen often, that’s why they are going extinct.”

To this I just make a sad face because I think baby pandas are adorable.

And then he says, “Pandas don’t make the sex.  They are like the yogis of the animal kingdom.”


That man makes me laugh.

Oh yea, one other funny thing from yesterday.  On my blog stats I can see what people googled that brought them to Lila.  Yesterday someone came to my blog my searching “Why Indians don’t eat moo-moo”.   HA!  Funniest because my stuffed animal who made his official internet debut on this blog is named Moo-Moo.  Anyways, I don’t think they got the answer they were looking for here!

I hope you have a great day!




2 thoughts on “Tidbits and Nibbles

  1. vitamix envy… need to get me one of those!

    I tried that crazy IY juice you were telling me about (was it the Liver Flush juice?) – oh my! That stuff is INTENSE. But like beet crack in a way. It was delicious but took me a day and a half to consume in its entirety.

    ❤ can't wait to see more engagement photos!

    • The Vitamix is my buddy…I use it for so much…salad dressings, soup, raw chocolate pudding, smoothies, hummus etc.
      Ya that liver flush juice is insane….I made Thad try a sip of it on monday – he was not a fan!

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