Sweet Like Cinnamon.

We had an awesome weekend of chanting at the 24 Hour Kirtan!  I will be sharing stories, photos and a video soon, but I just got back into town and first I wanted to show you a couple of my favorite shots from our engagement shoot with Sarah Cramer last week.  It was so fun and so sweet.  It was really impossible to pick my “favorites” because they all make me so happy….so sorry to overload you with pics of silly little me.  Can’t help myself…I’m just too giddy.

I feel so blessed for all the glorious LOVE in my life!

Life is sweet….

Love Frances.


9 thoughts on “Sweet Like Cinnamon.

  1. Frances, these are SO sweet and fun! Please don’t apologize for sharing, there is no reason not to share your happiness and love. I can’t decide which is my favorite either, but I love that you included a jumping photo, and the one of Thad carrying you is so lovely. I’m so happy for you dear:)

    • thanks ash! glad you like…jumping photos are essential! cc totally trained me! i just started posting photos on facebook and thad was like “how many are you going to put up here?” to which i said “only 50″…turns out it was more like 90! ha! too hard to choose my favorites and there are sooo many (250!) that she sent us. anyways, glad the gooey-love sharing is fine by you. xoxo

  2. Beautiful photos – it’s such a great idea to make such a beautiful photo shoot as an engagement present for yourselves…Happiness really shines through 🙂

    • thanks…. we had so much fun with this shoot and i’m thrilled to have these photos. it was also a great way for us to get to know our photographer so that we feel really comfortable with her presence on the day of our wedding 🙂

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