Put Food on Your Face.

Seriously, if you want to a have a little fun and benefit your skin in an all-natural, green kind of way, put some food on your face!

But probably not just any kind of food.

I always feel rather mischievous and giggly when I’m in the kitchen making a morning smoothie and rubbing the fruit peels all over my face. This makes FY roll his eyes and sigh….which makes me giggle more. So even if you don’t notice an improvement in your skin (which I bet you will), at least you will add a little extra fun to your beauty routine.
Here are my food-facial favorites.

Number 1 –  HONEY!

Honey is so healing. It’s full of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  It’s very moisturizing, makes a great lip conditioner and is fantastic for acne-prone skin.  It’s best to use a high quality honey like Manuka.  But,that can be a bit hard to find/ridiculously pricey, so instead just look for an organic, raw, unfiltered honey bear, preferably local! I recently have been rubbing a tiny spoonful of honey all over my face for a few minutes each day and it makes my skin feel really gorgeous and glowy. Sometimes I leave it on for 20= minutes, other times I just pop it on for the 5 minutes of dry brushing I do before a shower and then massage it off with the warm water from the shower.

If you are having lots of breakouts, add a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg into a spoonful of honey, mix it up well and then slather on your face.  You will look rather charming with this mask on….just like me:

Keep your spicy honey mask on for as long as you can stand it, or as long as it will stay on before gooping off.  Then splash a little water on your face and rub the honey all around for a bit of exfoliation before totally rinsing off.

Number 2 –  FRUIT!

Vitamin C is stellar for healthy, wrinkle-free and radiant skin.  Lemons, kiwis, strawberries, oranges are all awesome choices for your skin. I literally sometimes take an orange wedge and rub it all over my face and let it sit there while I make breakfast!

Lemon makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so it’s best to only use it at night or at least make sure you wash it off really well before you go outside.  Lemon juice works as a fabulous toner to shrink pores and even out skin tone.  Try rubbing a cotton pad with lemon juice on your t-zone at night for awhile – you will notice a difference!

If you’re skin is pitta-aggravated and feeling red, itchy or splotchy, try something cooling like watermelon peel (the white side) or a slice of cucumber.  Very nice.

If your skin is dry or feeling a bit patchy, try mashing up a super ripe banana or an avocado with some raw honey (or even a dab of plain yogurt!) and using that as a mask for 15-20 minutes.  Yum!  As always, use organic if possible!

Number 3 – OIL!

Whenever I’m cooking and I spill a little oil or there’s some oil left on a spoon, I don’t just wipe it up…I put it on my face/arms/hair.  For real!  Olive oil is packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants.  It’s a great eye make-up remover that will deeply nourish your skin and help stall the wrinkle inevitability.

Coconut oil is amazing for your hair and skin.  It’s even good for people with oily/acne prone skin.  Try massaging a bit on your face or the tips of your hair and let it sit for awhile before washing out.  Grapeseed oil is another good option for those with oily skin because it actually cuts through the natural oils on your face and can even prevent breakouts.  I know that it seems a bit counter-intuitive to put oil on an oily face, but it really does help.

Almond and jojoba oils are some of my go-to body moisturizers, especially in the wintertime.  Rubbing oil on the body is hugely beneficial for vata-aggravated types.  It’s the most natural way to give your body extra moisture without all the chemicals and random other stuff you find in most of the cosmetics/body lotions out there.


What are your favorite home-beauty recipes?

Happy Monday.

Love Frances


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