A New Awareness of the Body and Beyond.

This past weekend I spent 30 hours delving into the topic of Fluid Dynamics of Craniosacral Therapy.

It was amazing. Four full days of immersing myself in deepening my awareness of the body’s fluid internal movements, those flowing tides of energy, the Breath of Life – in other words – Prana. This was profound in terms of influencing my work as a massage therapist and healer, but also as a yoga practitioner and teacher and as a regular old human being – for living my day to day life with a heightened awareness of this body I inhabit!

Craniosacral Therapy practice is subtle but truly healing and powerful work. Each afternoon of the training, I would exchange bodywork with another participant so we could practice listening with our hands as well as executing specific holds on the cranial bones and other areas of the body such as along the spine or the feet. These sessions were incredible. I know the effects of this healing work will unfold over the coming weeks.

In the workshop we spent time each day practicing guided meditation to explore the body’s physical anatomy such as the various bones and ventricles and membranes within the cranial vault as well as down the spinal column. This was a really cool way to integrate the intellectual understanding of the physical anatomy into my experiential and physical consciousness. Our bodies are filled with fluid and through silent presence, tuning into the roots and mid-line and getting super grounded, it’s possible to feel the movements of our fluids – the cranio-rhythmic impulse, the mid-tide and the long time and then even beyond that, the energy of the field and that place within of dynamic stilness.

So much of what I learned in this workshop reiterated the knowledge that has been presented in Eastern cultures for millenia – chi, nadis, meridians, prana, apana etc., in TCM and Ayurveda. As I continue in my education and practices of healing, it’s always so beautiful and inspiring to learn new ways of understanding the same experiences and to view all these connections amongst the different paths of wisdom and knowledge.

At the heart of the Dynamic Fluid Craniosacral therapy is a belief that the body naturally and inherently contains all that it needs to find Health (or Balance or Peace or Wholeness – same same). We do not need to constantly add to our body to heal it or make it complete. Spirit created us as these perfect little beings but we’ve been thrown so off balance by lifestyle, trauma, diet, karma, you name it, that most people have lost the ability to be present enough to find their own healing.

As a practitioner of CST, one’s job is to become so still, so grounded and so centered within one’s own nervous system and body that then one is able to hold the potent space needed for the client’s self-healing process. By rooting into a grounded still place first, this allows the client’s nervous system can find that same place – it’s all a matter of resonance. When the client is able to enter into that place of dynamic stillness, healing can occur. Through the manual holds and the light laying of hands on various body parts, the cerebrospinal fluid and the other fluids of the body are given the space to move freely, to rehydrate tissue and in some cases this will even shift a bone’s alignment (I literally felt and heard my hyoid bone adjust yesterday at the end of a session!).

This idea of holding space for the work to occur was fundamental in my training at the Crestone Healing Arts Center. My teacher Dan would often say that the job of a healer is to “align oneself within the constructs of nature, execute the technique properly and then get out of the way.”

I think this is true for all life really.  If we want to live in a harmonious and healthy way we must commit to the practices and disciplines necessary to be grounded and mindfully aware; we must stay consistent and present with ourselves and then, from this foundation, the most important step is to get our of our own way and simply surrender to the flow of Grace.

Love and Gratitude,


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