In my family, we like to celebrate. We often will take any excuse to do so!

My mother tells this story about when I was a little girl of 3 years.

My siblings and I sat with her at the breakfast table one sunny spring morning. My mother looked out the window and said to us, “Children, it is the most beautiful day!!”

To which I responded with excitement in my funny little voice, “We gonna have ‘hampagne??”

This story could perhaps be indicative of early onset alcoholism, but I prefer to view it as proof that even at a young age I knew that good days call for celebration! By the way, don’t you worry, that “champagne” was just sparkling cider for us kiddos. 🙂

Today is a good day to celebrate because it is my beloved Fiance Yogi’s half-birthday!

Half-birthday, you say? Why, yes, you know, exactly 6 months from your legit birthday! It’s a real thing.

Half-birthdays were celebrated in my childhood home and I still carry on that tradition. I made this pretty clear to FY when we first spent an April together (my half b-day is the 30th). He sort of thought I was joking, but then he got on board and we ended up with a huge half-sheet of expensive marzipan-covered Princess Cake. Whoopsies! That’s what happens when you call the swishest bakery in town and ask for “half a cake”.

Anyways, this is the 3rd July that FY’s half-birthday has rolled by unnoticed, and I’ve decided it’s about time to change that!

So I’m vowing that today is all about showering LOVE on my man. And since this blog is my own little domain, I’m going to do just that right here!


A  few reasons why I LOVE Thad –

He’s got some serious ups!

He’s smart and he makes me laugh a lot. He’s curious and likes to do silly tricks.

He loves me with devotion, respect, patience and unwavering dedication.

He is a spiritual warrior, a sharp intellectual and true yogi.

He’s a goofball – he possesses child-like wonder and he loves to have fun and be silly.

He is kind and gentle to animals and children.

He is super tough and wicked strong, but inside he’s a big mushy lovey-dovey.

He is sincere, authentic and honest. He is grounded, humble and confident. He approaches every situation from a place of integrity and equanimity.

He is an adventurer, an explorer of the inner and outer worlds.

He is a hard-core yogi, waking up early and practicing austerities, but he can also soften into those times when it’s just right to slide back in bed, watch Netflix, snuggle up and eat 2nd breakfast!

He is my best friend, my yoga buddy and my life-partner.

He is my rock, my anchor, my angel and my haven.

I love you Thaddeus ❤

Happy Half-Birthday.  You’re worth celebrating everyday!




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