Well, the half-birthday was great fun! I recommend you try it sometime. There really is always something to celebrate if you think about it!

I threw a big silly party for him last night.  I made chocolate cupcakes – gluten-free and vegan, as well as some spicy sesame baked tofu and a huge salad with avo, blueberries, celery and cucumber. We felt so blessed to be surrounded by our friends, sharing the silliness and all the lovely culinary contributions. I was so hyped up by all the activity in my little house that I spent the whole evening flitting around and I forgot to take any photos or actually eat dinner other than a single cupcake (not very nutritious, I know….).

Now we are down in North Carolina where we will be hanging out and shala-sitting the Ashtanga Yoga Club of Durham for a week or so.  Thad will be leading the Mysore classes and I will probably teach some of the evening Intro classes.  I’m looking forward to exploring a new area as this is my first time to the region. If you have any suggestions of fun places to visit please share!

I brought my harmonium and my goal for the next 10 days is to practice and sing bhajans every day! I love playing my harmonium so much but I always forget to pull it out and just sit down and enjoy that experience. I did play for 30 minutes or so today and it was lovely. Suzanne (who runs the AYCD) has an awesome little meditation nook in the attic with amazing resonant acoustics and it’s pretty dreamy to sing up there.

Thad will be leading a workshop on Saturday (July 21) here entitled “Building Your Ashtanga Foundation” from 2-4pm.  If you are in the area, please come! I’m really looking forward to spending this week learning from Thad. My practice has been very hit or miss lately and I’m super grateful for the opportunity to practice practice practice in a hot room with an experienced teacher.

Many blessings.



7 thoughts on “Shala-sitting.

    • We will be here through next Friday or Saturday I think….is this where you live right now? If so, I would love your tips of favorite spots to hang/eat/walk/chill etc.! Have fun camping! xo

      • Oops. Just saw this. I need to subscribe!

        We live in Charlotte, only a 2 hour drive. I have only briefly visited the Triangle area. Hope you had fun!

  1. Hi Frances, if you have a chance you should visit Carrboro, which is 20-30 min away from Durham. There is a great farmers’ market on Saturday mornings and lots of fun restaurants and shops. Also, the Duke Gardens are beautiful. Have fun!

    • Great! Will do. I’ve heard about Carrboro and it’s sounds pretty cool. We were told to check out the Weaver St. Market there too.
      Thanks for your recommendations! Blessings.

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